Mount Moriah Lodge A.F. & A. M.

Westfield Massachusetts

Becoming a Freemason

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts welcomes those qualified men who are interested in the possibility of joining our ranks — to become a member of a Fraternity whose members and principles have shaped our country and our history.  Men age 18 and older who believe in a Supreme Being and meet the qualifications and standards for membership are eligible to petition a Lodge. We welcome men of every country, religion, race, age, income, education, and opinion. 

The wish to become a Freemason must be your own and for honest and moral reasons, Freemasonry requires that a man cannot be compelled to join our Fraternity and that he must seek admission based on his “own free will and accord.” Therefore, he must ask a member to sponsor his application. If you know a Freemason even if he's not a member of that particular lodge you can ask him to sponsor you so long as he is in good standing with the craft.  If you find that you don't know a Mason just arrange to come to talk to us and soon you will.

The process for becoming a Mason is not complicated managed at the Lodge level. The first step towards joining is to contact us and we'll suggest some times that you can come to the lodge or one of our public events to ask questions you may have about Freemasonry or what being a member is all about.  We don't put applications online because we believe that it's very important that we meet with you prior to filling out your application so you get to know us a bit and we get to know you.

If we are not in your geographic area or  meet on a night that you are available then you can search for options at the website of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and use their find a lodge feature.