Mount Moriah Lodge A.F. & A. M.

Westfield Massachusetts

Mount Moriah Lodge

When does the Lodge meet?

     We Meet the first Wednesday of each month with the exception of July and August and if extreme natural conditions preclude us meeting safely.  Other Wednesday nights we may have a degree rehearsal or a fellowship night or on rare occasions be dark.  Most every Wednesday night before the lodge meets we hold cipher class and the in-house portion of our lodge of instruction to help new brothers going through their degrees in gaining proper Masonic knowledge so they can advance to their next degrees.

So what is a Masonic Lodge? 

     A Lodge is a certain number of Masons with a Charter or Warrant  issued to them by the Grand Lodge under whose jurisdiction they exist to do the work of the Craft and educate new brothers in the Craft as they receive their degrees in Freemasonry they are referred to as a Blue Lodge as well.  Our charter was issued by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts on December 12th 1856 A.D. empowering us to do this work in Westfield Massachusetts. Click here for a picture of our Charter.  It's an important distinction that a lodge is not a building but the membership of the lodge each brother being part of the structure of that lodge, the hall in which we meet is just and only that a hall.  In ancient times these meetings were often held outdoors and at some lodges they still are today for special degrees if that has been a tradition of that lodge.

How do I become a Mason and what are Masonic degrees?

    In the not too recent past you had to wait to be asked by a Mason if you'd like to join the fraternity this was usually done after that Brother had done some long-term evaluation of your character to see if you'd be a good fit as a Mason.  Today we operate a bit differently with the  '2 be one ask 1' campaign we do still encourage you ask a Mason about admission to the craft but at the same time if you don't know a Mason or know that you know one we have many resources to help you contact the lodge or find a lodge convenient to you.  If it's the first Wednesday of the month you can usually just come the Westfield Masonic building around 6:15 PM but we really encourage you to make contact with one of us first either by e-mail or phone first so we know that you are coming and can make sure that we have brothers available to answer questions for you and tell you about our fraternity.  Another good time to come by is when we hold our monthly lodge breakfast (October through June see the calendar ) you'll get information on joining the lodge as well as a tasty breakfast. We want you to get all the information that will help you in your decision to become a Mason and if you decide that you want to be Mason, able to become one with for right reasons.  

     You'll be asked to fill out an application and provide us with six or more personal references as well as go online and do a background check as required by our Grand Lodge. We'll then setup a committee to investigate your application and meet with you at your residence.  We want to make sure that your family has the chance to ask questions they may have about Freemasonry and be in agreement with your decision to become a Mason. This will all be detailed for you when we set the investigation process in motion.  If the investigation is returned favorable then you'll  be notified when to show up to lodge to receive your first degree (this can be scheduled if you have certain commitments that would come before this). 

     The Masonic degrees are the steps in your advancement to becoming a Master Mason, they are the Entered Apprentice or First degree, the Fellow Craft or Second degree and finally the Master Mason or Third degree.  These are the three degrees that you can obtain in a Blue Lodge that will make you a Master Mason and are the foundation to many other appendant bodies of Freemasonry.  There is a very rich history and body of knowledge around Masonry and as a Master Mason you are free to explore and learn more.

     There are many parallels between the three degrees and things that you've probably done in your in your life already like a job, at first you were hired but not knowing the full skill that the job may require (first), then seeking to improve your position you studied and refined your skills to achieve more knowledge and position (second) and finally when you had mastered your craft you could then teach others (third).  This is just an analogy of the degrees using employment as an example however like employment, life, the degrees and anything else you aspire to in life the same is true the more you apply yourself and put into it the greater the return you'll realize from it.

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