So what is Freemasonry? 

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest, largest and most widely recognized fraternity, it modern roots can be traced back to the founding of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717.  In ancient time it’s roots go back much farther to when our brethren were operative masons building the great structures of antiquity.  Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is the third oldest Grand Lodge in existence after the Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Lodge of Ireland.  We are not a secret society, we are a society with secrets and those are certain words, signs and tokens to recognize each other. 

Freemasons are men from every walk of life, economic, religious and social points of view that come together as Brothers through their obligations and find strengthened bonds of friendship in each other.  In Freemasonry no man stands above another we consider each man a brother and equal upon the level.  We make no demand that a man be of  a certain religion just that he has a belief in a Supreme being, no atheist can be made a Mason. 

There are many ways to describe Freemasonry but at it’s heart it’s a system that takes a good man and gives him the framework and teaching to become a better man.  It’s not for every man it takes a thoughtful and contemplative mind to see how the teachings of Freemasonry relate to everyday life and how it provides the building blocks to move forward in his life. 

I think that this picture is possibly one of the best to illustrate the effect that Freemasonry can have on a man, that he can begin to  chip away at the 
rough and imperfect things in his life finding the better, more perfect man inside.





In Springfield Massachusetts the Masonic building on lower State St. had 16 words carved into the stone work above the pillars in the lobby above the pillars and they are words that all mankind should work towards but more so Masons.  ZEAL TOLERANCE WISDOM TRUTH STRENGTH JUSTICE CHARITY FAITH DEVOTION CONCORD LOYALTY HONOR HUMILITY LABOR REVERENCE and LIGHT. We are a Brotherhood of men under the Fatherhood of God and we observe a beautiful system of Morality veiled in allegory Illustrated by signs and symbols.  We are your neighbors and friends we come from all walks of life we are patriots and we work for the betterment of ourselves and our communities.

Mount Moriah Lodge A.F. & A. M.

Westfield Massachusetts